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Relief for bus malfunction situations in the neighbourhood of Genk

The vehicle hire agency Genk bus tours can propose efficient support for bus owners which stumble upon any difficulties while travelling anywhere in Genk and in the neighbouring cities Maasmechelen, Seraing, Aix-la-Chapelle, Grâce-Hollogne, Saint-Nicolas, Bilzen, Tongeren, Chaudfontaine, Sint-Truiden, Lage, Valkenswaard, Heerlen, Baesweiler, Geleen, Diest, Lanaken, Verviers, Ans, Nuenen, Kerkrade, Herstal, Würselen, Herzogenrath, Weert / Boshoven, Alsdorf, Balen, Scherpenheuvel-Zichem, Flémalle, Maaseik, Sittard / Munstergeleen, Geel, Lommel, Zonhoven, Hasselt, Heinsberg, Hückelhoven, Houthalen-Helchteren, Maastricht, Dilsen-Stokkem, Westerlo, Mol, Geilenkirchen, Beringen, Eindhoven, Übach-Palenberg, Roermond / Herten / Merum, Heusden-Zolder, Liège, and Oupeye. If you ever have a vehicle mishap, an automobile issue or a shortage of motoring time of your agreed driver, our trained team can send you surrogate vehicles or an added on coach driver with no disruptions. Dodge the bother of hopelessly exploring for close coach suppliers and make certain that you don't let your travellers become impatient unnecessarily. Thanks to our professional action, they will be able to mount their newest bus shortly and move on with their journey safely.

Find effective relief if unexpectedly your current bus has a defect

From our viewpoint, there are almost no things that can become as troublesome as a vehicle predicament during a tour. Whether it is a mechanical obstacle, a motor accident of the coach, the ventilation flawed, a rupture of your tires or your bus driver fully using up the allowed motoring time - the enumeration of sometimes happening bus disruption events is wordy. The bus company Genk bus tours is able to organize immediate assistance for such and comparable conditions in Belgium and in the neighboring regions. Should you ever come across a bus deficit, our friendly team is available to help you reserve suitable commutation vehicles from Genk and from close to and inside of entire Limburg. The best process if you wish for assistance is smooth: as quickly as you notice that you could be in a difficult situation, we hope for you to get in touch with us using . Indicate us the journey you will need, plus the number of passengers, as well as the baggage amount, the place to meet as well as the finishing address. Our SOS operators will inform you at what time at the soonest we can have a sweeper bus show up at your breakdown address as well as how much the rate of the replacement bus will be. After this, we wait for you to inform us whether you order the disruption solution which waits for you.

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Details you ought to have ready if all of a sudden you have a vehicle failure in the vicinities of Genk

The more details you supply us, the more efficiently we will be able to aid you and your guests. Our well-versed breakdown personnel is usually accustomed to solve a problem reliably, quickly and efficiently. It would be substantially easier for our operators to provide support for you when you assist our operators by telling us any significant parameters referring to your vehicle malfunction. The following information are required :

Spot of SOS situation: When you supply us information on the locality of your passengers'plight, the most definite details are very highly desired. Limburg is a relatively extensive territory, and there are plenty of conceivable localities to pick up a party of travellers from. If you please, let us know of at the minimum the avenue name and number of house. The Geolocation coordinates would be very helpful, to save time.

Bus journey plan to be fulfilled: Our emergency services are as manifold as the possible reasons for the bus deficit. You can solicit a commutation for just a ride, a sightseeing tour within Genk, Grâce-Hollogne, Baesweiler, Chaudfontaine, Tongeren, Maaseik, Flémalle, Würselen, Heinsberg, Maastricht, Zonhoven, Scherpenheuvel-Zichem, Herstal, Bilzen, Valkenswaard, Lage, Übach-Palenberg, Sint-Truiden, Geleen, Houthalen-Helchteren, Lommel, Geilenkirchen, Hückelhoven, Kerkrade, Verviers, Hasselt, Beringen, Alsdorf, Ans, Heusden-Zolder, Aix-la-Chapelle, Dilsen-Stokkem, Nuenen, Mol, Lanaken, Roermond / Herten / Merum, Sittard / Munstergeleen, Weert / Boshoven, Liège, Diest, Heerlen, Oupeye, Maasmechelen, Saint-Nicolas, Westerlo, Balen, Geel, Seraing, Herzogenrath, and Eindhoven, a passenger transfer to another city in Flanders, Brussels Capital Region, and Wallonia or even for a multiple day fire-brigade. Ensure that you point out the alternative you want when requesting the backup buses.

Data concerning the party of travellers to be driven: Pieces of information that we require: quantity of persons to be transported and number of suitcases to be carried, nationality of the people, unregular requirements ( such as high back booster seats, baggage hangers etc. ). The more coherent your informations are, the more usefully we can help you and patch your emergency by conveying a convenient aid.